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My BLOG! Finally.

finally! i MADE A BOOK BLOG!.jpgThis is my very first blog post and I am so excited to finally start this! I’ve been wanting to have my own blog (well I do have a tumblr account but that is a whole different…thing) for so long and I finally had the guts to make one.

I’ve also been hesitating to make a blog cause by the time I first thought about making one I didn’t really know what to do and that is quite a problem.  So I just put it at the back of my mind and forgot about it.

Then fast forward to this year, the idea resurfaced in my memory (cause I was looking at book blogs) and thought that maybe this time I can start one. I don’t have school anymore and I am pretty sure about what I want to do.

So this morning I looked for a platform, chose a theme and edit everything I should (widgets, menus, links etc.) It took me a whole day to finish everything and have it the way I want (for now).

For me to be able to keep up with this I will be doing checklists of ideas I would post in the future. I thought about topics that would be interesting not only for me but for the viewers who would stumble upon my blog.

 download (4) - Copy


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