Bookish πŸ“–

15 Bookish Facts About ME!


1. I love how hardback looks but prefer to read/buy paperbacks.
2. I get all of my reading at night before I go to bed. Except on Sundays cause I almost always read the whole day. (I don’t have a specific number of pages to read. I just read until I can.)
3. My favorite genre would be fantasy, historical fiction and contemporary.
4. I don’t lend out my books to people unless I know where they live and I can bother them anytime about my book.
5. The book that got me into reading is Jinx by Meg Cabot and the Twilight series by Stephanie Perkins.
6. I only started & finished the whole Harry Potter series last year (2015).
7. I have never watched any of the Harry Potter movies. (I know. I know.)
8. One of my bookish pet peeves would be changing the book cover in the middle of the series. (WHY?!)
9. No matter where I go I always bring my current read with me even though I won’t be reading it in that outing. It’s just a habbit.
10. I used to doggy ear my books when I was in college.
11. I tend to get hungry when characters in books starts eating.
12. I can never get into non-fiction books.
13. I always tend to stop reading for a few weeks after finishing a series.
14. My favorite series is the Percy Jackson series.
15. I totally judge a book by its cover.

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