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Let’s talk about the slump… Reading Slump.


Let’s just say the “Reading Slump” is every readers worst nightmare! To put it simply reading slump is NOT being able to pick up a book cause you just well… can’t, you just can’t read and it is pure torture!

Then you start thinking… “How long am I gonna have this?” “Will I ever read again?” “Is this it?” “Will I ever pick a book again…in my entire life?!” Not being a paranoid but I once thought of it when I had my slump for 3 months and it was depressing!

But don’t you worry! I have 4 tips here that might help you get rid of your reading slump.

– Proven and tested by yours truly 😉 –


If you force yourself to read you won’t be able to appreciate that book. Then you might end up hating it at the end and that is not what you want to happen. Trust me.

Move on to another book with a different genre.

Pick up something light, easy and cheesy. After reading the Shatter Me series I was in a huge slump and I couldn’t get into any books. I kept on looking at my tbr pile (mostly fantasy books) but nothing caught my attention. Then I picked up Anna and the french kiss. A book I’ve been wanting to read for so long and that did the trick for me. Sometimes you just need some contemporary to make it all better.

Go online. 

Go on Instagram, Goodreads and Books Amino. Read blog posts. Talk to other readers cause they understand what you feel. You never know, they can even give you the best remedy for your reading slump.

And lastly, Watch booktube videos and just surround yourself with books.

This was the most helpful way for me. When I feel like i’m getting to a slump I just start watching booktube videos. Looking at hauls, tags, recommendations and bookshelf tours just made me feel the desire to read again. Watching them recommend new books to you gives you the excitement you once had after buying or reading your first ever book. By that time you’ll remember how much you love reading. ♥♥♥

So that is all my tips for you. I hope some of it helped you cure your slump. Just always remember.. your not alone. There is a whole community out there that can help you. You just have to reach out to them.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you on my next blog! 😆

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