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Travel Blog: Wanna spend time with nature? Villa Martha Picnic Grove 🍂🍃

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My very first (of many to come) TRAVEL BLOG! I actually don’t know how this will go so I’ll just go with the flow and tell you all about it.

planning.jpgWe have our own family business, so all the planning was made by my sister and my mom. They were the ones who thought of when and where would be the best place for us to spend 2 days and 1 night in. The rest of the staff was so excited for this cause they have been wanting to go on an outing for a few months since our grand opening.

After a few weeks of planning we finally set the date on April 20 to April 21, 2016 and the destination was Villa Martha Picnic Grove in Nagcarlan Laguna. A friend of our parents suggested this place and told my mom that it was one of the hidden gems of Laguna.


The long-awaited day has come! We left at about 12:30 pm (after lunch) and set off to Laguna. The only thing I hated was the LOOOOONG drive there. The car we were using was not ours so the smell of it didn’t really go well with me. At the first few hours we were all singing and laughing then I started to get nauseous so I just slept the rest of the way.

We didn’t go directly to the place cause we have to stop by our farm to get the rest of the foods for the stay and change the car we were using (they said it was to big to fit some of the roads were going to pass.) After packing up the rest of the stuff we then went off to Villa Martha. It was not that far from the farm so that was good news for me.

villa-martha-picnic-groveWe spent about… an hour to get to the place and when we got there we were absolutely mesmerized! They weren’t kidding with the “hidden” part cause it was surrounded by pure nature. It was not hot cause trees were surrounding it giving the whole place a refreshing feeling.

We were led to our cottage house where we’ll be staying in and we then realized that their were a lot of people. Maybe because it was so hot in Manila that everyone planned to go swimming so they were all here.

But the host there told us that almost half of them was about to leave and the rest would be leaving a few hours later. Basically he said that by night-time the whole place would be ours to enjoy. Oh yeah!

13161472_1366131656737455_2131813184_o.jpgVilla Martha was really big! It has a lot of “kubo” and karaoke scattered around the place. The place has 2 swimming pools and a very pretty running water and river.
The best part is that the water on the pools came from the running water itself. The people there explained that the water continuously flows out. Basically the water is being change… the whole day. They also said that this was best cause they wouldn’t need to use chlorine. It was safer for the kids so even though they accidentally drink the water from the pool it wouldn’t harm them.

13115756_1366132180070736_1007341947_nAfter going around the place we then planned to go to the river to take a dip. I was expecting the water to be cold cause it basically came from the mountains but I wasn’t expecting it to be ICE COLD! Literally! It feels like I was swimming at a big pool full of ICE.

You know the saying “If you stay long enough you won’t feel the cold”? yeah. That wasn’t the case here. The more time you spend under water the colder it gets. But it was very refreshing. I’d rather have this than the heat we feel every time in Manila. But I had to go up for a few minutes cause it makes you feel numb all over!

When night-time came we sang karaoke, told stories, played silly games and some of the grown ups drank alcohol (that will never be left out). I wasn’t going near any alcohol cause I know I would feel hell the next day and I won’t be enjoying that much. So I just settled on swimming and laughing with my other siblings.

13181020_1366131820070772_142712527_nThe host wasn’t kidding that the place would be ours to enjoy (night-time) cause there were no one else staying the night at that part of the place. Some were camping near the riverside so we were the only ones in the pool side cause that’s where our cottage was.

After swimming around and telling stories we finally turned in at 2 in the morning. That wasn’t really a good idea cause the next day we weren’t able to wake up in time for breakfast… so we had to wait until lunch time. Me and my sister was not planning on swimming this day cause we already had our fill the day before. So we just took some photos which we didn’t do at all when we arrived.

13162559_1366131786737442_457364114_n.jpgAfter changing we then went out to tour the rest of the place. It was absolutely breathtaking there. You can see the mountains and the feel of the forest around you was very comforting. It was not hot or anything which makes it much more enjoyable and easy to take photos.

We spent the rest of our time at this little part of the running water where there are a lot of big rocks and the water is only up until your knees.

When lunch time came we packed our bags to go back to the farm. We ate lunch there, rested for a while, took more photos then went off back to Manila.

I can say that even though we only spent 2 days there we were all able to relax and unwind. It was so great to spend this days with just nature around you. No internet. No paper works. No stress. I would recommend anyone to go and visit this place (if you’re from the Philippines or planning to visit). It really was the hidden gem of Laguna.

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