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It’s 2:30 am. I can’t fall asleep. Wanna get to know me?

Hey guys! As you have read from my self explained title 😉 up there ⬆️ I am doing the…


I have been seeing this tag around and I wanted to do one so you guys could.. well get to know me better. (Besides the girl who loves to buy books then asked herself why her tbr pile get’s bigger and bigger. Story of my life.)

So without further ado let’s get on with the tag!



Name: Jaed
Nicknames: Jaed, Jaed’y, Princess 
Birthday: August 4
Star Sign: Leo
Occupation: I was working at our family business as a Marketing & Finance officer but now I am currently reviewing for my CSE so I am taking a break.


Hair Color: I just recently got my hair colored (again) and I believe they called it a dark copper blonde.
Hair Length: Waist length (does that sound right?)
Eye Color: Brown
Best Feature: I actually just asked my friends this and they said my eyes.. 
Braces: Never had one but I am planning to.. I just don’t know when. 
Piercings: Two. (one in each ear)
Tattoos: None but I want one or two someday
Right or Left: Right


11110280_1130584150292208_8636864646694892127_n_editedReal holiday: I think it was after I graduated from college (which was a LOOOONG time ago) me and my 2 childhood friends went to Boracay to celebrate. 
Best friend: I have 2 childhood friends and we get along so well. We’re actually more like sisters than friends. 
Award: I think I won a reward at our recital when I was doing voice lessons.
Sport: I used to do volleyball, swimming and cheering in my highschool/college days.
Concert: None.. I’m not really good with crowds. 


Film: Child me – The Little Mermaid, Anastasia and Beauty and the Beast. Adult me – The Lord of the Rings
TV Show: I love watching cooking shows so Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen.  
Color: Any pastel color is a favorite of mine.
Song: This is quite hard but as of now I am loving Ariana Grande – Moonlight and Side to Side, Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande – Over and Over Again, Sabrina Carpenter – Eyes Wide Open
Restaurant: TOKYO TOKYO! 
Shop: Books – Powerbooks. Clothes – my mom’s closet where I don’t have to pay any money just type her documents for her.👍 
Books: Gosh! I have a lot of favorites but the ones on top of my list right now is Percy Jackson (not a surprise), The Rithmatist and Archer’s Voice.
Shoes: Flats & Rubber shoes.



Feeling: Very… awake.
Single or Taken: In a relationship with Percy Jackson. 😉  #nonexistentrelationship
Eating: Nothing.
Thinking about: Taco Bell
Watching: The beautiful thing in front of me which is my laptop screen. 👍 
Wearing: polka dot sleeping dress


Want children: Yes
Want to be married: Yes
Careers in mind: Either work at a publishing company or as a travel guide.
Where you want to live: LA (I miss it there), Paris or Scotland.


God: Yes
Miracles: Sometimes
Love at first sight: Not really.
Ghosts: Maybe.
Aliens: YES! The universe is too big for just us. 
Soul Mates: If I meet mine maybe I’ll believe it. hihi
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on the first date: On the cheeks I think..
Yourself: Sometimes yes but most of the time… no.

And that is it for this tag! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Thank you for reading until the end. Until next time! (which will be on Monday.. I think)

Question of the day: What are you currently doing? 

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