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Travel Blog: White sand beach? BORACAY! 🌊

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I posted my 1st travel blog and I am finally back with another one! 🙌

So this was a Graduation trip for me and my 2 childhood friends (me and my other friend graduated at the same time but we were in different schools). We were with my mom, my friend’s mom and my 3 siblings. The place we went to was…

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This was actually my 2nd trip to Boracay but the 1st time was only for a day. But this time we stayed there for about 4 or 5 days (can’t remember..oopps).

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located in Malay, Aklan. It’s very famous for its white sand beaches and was one of the top destinations to go to during summer.


Me and my friends were so excited for this trip cause this was the first time for both of them and it was the first time the three of us got to go this far from usual. We didn’t do that much activities there and basically just eat, swim and eat some more. 😁

We stayed at the Ambassador in Paradise Resort Station 1 and let me tell you guys that place was amazing! 👍 The accommodation as well as the staff was great and we really felt relaxed and definitely enjoyed our stay. 💙

11152357_1130571846960105_1322396172376713855_n - Copy.jpg

The shopping malls was a bit far from where we were staying but you just need to ride the “tricycle” to get there. The souvenirs there are very unique and almost all of it was handmade.

And of course when you’re going on a trip you can’t forget about trying out the foods available. I might have gain some weight while being there for a week. We ate so many  (Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, local you name it) that I, at some point, felt so sick I couldn’t leave the room. 😂

The day I felt sick was spent lounging in our room, watching tv and surfing the net. I think we needed the break cause we were going all out on having fun that we didn’t get much sleep cause we were so excited for the next day.

We did 2 major things when we were there (not planned at all). The first one was getting a henna/mehndi. We were just searching things to do on the net then saw tons of pictures on henna’s being made there so we got one ourselves.


My mom almost killed me for this but she agreed to it when she found out that it was absolutely safe and I was not allergic to it. (But guys before you get one be sure that you’re not allergic to the products they use cause it might cause permanent harm to your skin.)

The 2nd major thing was that we rode on a FLYFISH! If you guys don’t know what it is (which I doubt) it’s basically a ride where you are being pulled by a speedboat while on a huge inflatable raft.

1510062_10203647733665152_6942902326333250765_n.jpgOH MY GOSH guys this was so much fun! At first we were quite nervous cause we were so far away from shore and one of us can’t swim (we do have safety vests so it was completely safe). I actually fell twice from the raft. 😅

First cause my friend,in front of me, fell and I got swept with her. The second was me being my clumsy self and accidentally let go of the handle I am holding onto. But as they said you wouldn’t enjoy it that much if you don’t fall once or twice or even three times. ✌️

On our last day we just spent it relaxing at the beach, swam some more, took a TON of photos and watched the sun set. We also explored the whole resort and ate as much as we can hold in our stomachs. 😂


It was a very fun and memorable trip. Me and my friends planned to return here (with only the three of us) when we finally have work and earning our own pay. This might have been the best summer for me and I can’t wait to go back there and when we do we’ll do every activity available. 😁


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