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Break up or Make up? (Not about the mushy stuffs)

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You might think that this is about relationship problems but it’s not. I have no problem with Percy, or Warner, or Etienne. 😉 So you don’t have to worry about that.

I was actually searching for good topic ideas to talk about here on my blog and I have collected a few and thought about doing this first. The topic was actually “List a book you broke up with?” or something like that and I thought of changing it up a little. I will list some books I “broke” up with but I will also include books I was ABOUT TO “break up” with but reconsidered and “make up” with it. Hence the title. 😁

I don’t really DNF a book cause I still want to try my best to finish it. Even though I’m not liking it at all I don’t feel satisfied ones I finished it. I don’t know why but that has just been my attitude since I started reading. But I have a few I didn’t finish for particular reasons that I would explain ones I get to the books.

I don’t know how to make this topic work out cause I am literally typing down as I think so we’ll see how this turns out.

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

16059938First up on my list is Black ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. I really liked the Hush hush series by her so I immediately bought this when it came out here in the Philippines. Then I saw that it has mixed reviews all over goodreads. I told myself that I would try reading it on October of last year but that DID NOT happen cause of some other… books. (Story of my life) Then a few months passed and I though… am I ever going to read this?

I actually was in the process of selling it. I posted a photo of it on instagram and asked my friends if they wanted to buy it or if someone they know wants to buy it but as I was in the process of doing that a friend of mine told me that I shouldn’t sell it without trying to read it or seeing if I like it. That got to me and so I read the first chapter and was actually intrigued by it!

So I set it aside and told myself that I HAVE to read it this coming October. I’m glad that I didn’t go on and sell this cause I might end up liking it for all I know. 😄 So I consider this as a “MAKE UP” case.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien


Uh oh.. A big one just came into the picture. I have mentioned The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R Tolkien in my Shame.. Shame.. Shame.. post ,where I show you books that I’m ashamed I haven’t read yet, and said that I won’t be continuing on with this series. I actually watched all the movies (multiple times) of this and really really LOVED it. It might be.. no.. it IS my favorite movie of all time.

But don’t get me wrong guys I did try to read the first book but never felt the same as I was watching the movies. Maybe cause I was expecting too much and end up rushing myself to look for the fight scenes and stuffs like that resulting to me flipping through it without reading at all. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to watch the movie first cause I might have liked it as much as I liked the movie. So in this case, sadly, I had to “BREAK UP” with LOTR… but not the movies. 😍

Who would want to break up with a movie with him on it?

Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi


The Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi is the most recent one I had a love hate relationship with. I had this series sitting on my shelf for months and only started reading it when my childhood friend raved about it. As I was reading the first book I wasn’t really on board with the whole thing. It was quite slow at first and Juliette was a very weak and depressing character. But I don’t really blame her. If I was locked up for 264 days I would go CRAZY!

I only continued on with it for 2 reasons. 1 cause my friend really wanted me to finish it and I trust her judgement and 2 cause of the fact that I have already bought the whole series cause I was caught by the covers. When I finished the first book I thought it was okay. Not bad but it wasn’t great aswell.

Then I read the novella about Warner and that was the time I fell inlove with him! He was actually another reason (thought I only had 2.. oops) I continued on with reading the series cause I wanted to know what will happen to him. So I went into the second book not expecting much but then ended up actually enjoying it. After I read it I continued with the novella and on to the last book. The last book was absolutely my favorite! I have so many notes from it that I would reread every time I had the chance. Juliette ended up being a very strong character and I was happy that I didn’t give up on this series.

Very thankful for my friend, my impulse buying of the whole series and the masterpiece that is Aaron Warner! 😍 Definitely a “MAKE UP” case.

Fallen series by Lauren Kate

So the Fallen series by Lauren Kate is the last one for this list! I was actually looking forward to reading this when it came out cause I was into the fallen angel kind of books back then. I finished the first book and I though it was… okay. I had a little trouble with some parts but still pushed through with it. Then the 2nd book came and I told myself I should give it a chance to redeem itself. I started reading the 2nd book but I can’t seem to move on from the 3rd or 4th chapter. It was just… hard to continue on cause I wasn’t feeling it at all.

I kept on trying to read it for the next few months but thought that I might aswell stop now if I won’t be making progress with it. My friend actually loved this series and I’m glad she did. Maybe it was not the fallen angel book I was looking for. So in this case I had to “BREAK UP” with it.

So that is the end of this blog post! I’m not saying that you guys should not read the books I break up with. This is just my personal opinion.

So watcha think about it? Any books you’ve broken up with yet? Or almost broke up with but reconsidered? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to know.

Talk to you in the comments and on my next blog post! BYE! 💜

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