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How to READ MORE?! 🤔

I’m gonna make it a habit to post every weekends. Either Saturday or Sunday! Feel like I can’t do it but I’ll try.

Today I will be sharing with you some tips and tricks to READ MORE! When I first started working again I was so busy with everything I just haven’t had the time to read as much as I want to. So I have 5 tips here that I researched and definitely helped me until now making it easier to get back to reading more. So if you are ever in a bind I gotcha!


1st tip is to TAKE A BOOK EVERYWHERE YOU GO. This gives you the opportunity to read when you have free time at any part of your day. Based on my experience when I go out with family, friends or by myself I always have that time when I’m not doing anything and just sitting around, listening to music, being bored. So having a book with you can accommodate that free time making it not a waste of your day.


2nd tip is to ASSIGN A DESIGNATED TIME FOR READING. This wasn’t really a thing I did before cause I almost ALWAYS read the whole day but now with work and all I can’t do that. So every night when I get to my dorm and I don’t have anything else to do or anyone to disturb me I START READING. When you incorporate reading to your everyday life it becomes a habit and you’ll feel weird when you don’t read at the time you’re supposed to. This just makes it easier for you to pick that book up and read.

3rd tip is to LISTEN TO AUDIO BOOKS. This is one of the tips I didn’t really do as much but it still helped, especially when you have that massive stack of paperwork to do. So instead of doing it the boring way you can make it a bit more fun for you. You can just put on an audiobook while you do your work and it makes a whole lot of difference. Less stressful if I say so myself.


4th tip is to READ SHORTER BOOKS AT YOUR BUSIEST TIME. Don’t pick up that book with over a thousand pages at this crucial time. It will just pressure you and doesn’t really help your TBR pile cause you’ll be stuck with that book for a LONG while. It’s better to read shorter and fun books that you can cover fast and doesn’t really put more stress to what you’re already experiencing in work or school.

5th and final tip and I feel like this is the most important is to PRIORITIZE READING. Instead of going on Facebook. Pick up a book. Instead of going on Instagram. Pick up a book. Instead of going on YouTube (the hardest). PICK UP A BOOK. This, for me, goes well with my 2nd tip. I finish work at 5PM. I usually go back to the dorms at 7PM. This gives me plenty of time to go on my social media and watch everything I want and by the time I get to my room I don’t have an excuse to not read. Works like a glove.


And there you have it. 5 tips that can help you read more. Hope you enjoyed reading along and let me know if you’ve done all of this at some part of your busy life and really helped lessen that TBR pile.

Thank you again and I’ll talk to you on my next blog post. BYE! 💜

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